A little bit about Belinda Bartholomew and Zoë Grant and the creation of BOÉ


Belinda and Zoë both originate from small country towns which foundations are
built on wine, and wineries themselves.
Zoë being from Orange in central NSW, a town famous for its cool-climate
wineries, and Belinda from Griffith in regional NSW, well known for its
predominately Italian heritage which has evidently been an influence in their
hugely successful wineries.
Both Belinda and Zoë have therefore spent their entire lives surrounded by wine,
and built a strong friendship over MANY wines (and cheese platters). Ultimately,
it is in this exact environment that BOÉ was born. 
Over a glass (ok, maybe a bottle) they noticed that there was a lack of Australian
owned and grown Rosé currently on the market, so Zoë and Belinda thought they
could combine their love and knowledge of wine to try and promote and
encourage others to enjoy Australian Rosé, and not ALWAYS opt for the imported
French options so many of their friends and themselves alike tend to do!
BOÉ is an Italian style rosé, grown and made by Sam Miranda Winery, which is a
winery very close and special to the girl’s hearts as its owned by third generation
Italian winemaking family - the Miranda’s, who also happen to be Belinda’s
immediate family.
Having grown up himself in Griffith, Sam Miranda’s Italian wine making skills are
evident through his delicate and beautiful wines, and this combined with the
wonderful cool climate it is the perfect environment for an Italian Rosé to be
Zoë’s design background has hugely contributed to the labelling, branding and
packaging of BOÉ, which can be described as clean, minimalist and androgynous,
drawing on inspiration from the rosé itself, being crisp and dry, Zoë wanted to
keep the branding and packaging to a similar taste.
BOÉ will be sold in magnum size bottles only, because one bottle is just never
Bottling is to start at the commencement of Spring 2018, and be packaged, and
ready for sale for Summer 2018!!

A portmanteau for Belinda and Zoë, pronounced BOWIE, just like David.

Stay tuned rosé lovers!

And remember, “Pink Responsibly!”